The Legal Information Centre of the state portal is the point of contact for DH.NRW universities in case of legal questions. Local university advisory services, e.g. staff from e-learning support facilities, libraries and computer centres of the DH.NRW universities as well as people from DH.NRW-funded projects can also contact the legal information office with legal questions.

Thematic focal points – each in the context of „digital teaching and learning“ – are in particular:

  • Copyright law (e.g. CC licences, plagiarism software)
  • Data protection law (e.g. in connection with evaluations, LMS, CMS)
  • Personality and trademark law
  • Internet and media law
  • Examination law (esp. with regard to e-examinations).

In the categories „Labour Law“, „Data Protection Law“, „Copyright Law“ and „Other“, the Legal Information Centre also provides its own publications and short reviews at regular intervals for all interested parties. In the short reviews, interesting articles from the legal literature are compiled monthly on the topic of digitisation of universities in NRW.

Further information on the services of the Legal Information Centre can be found here.