5th OER Policy Network Meeting | Tue April 9th, 2024

In exchange with the practitioners!

By adopting an OER policy, universities can set clear framework conditions for the use and creation of open educational materials and actively position themselves for free access to education and knowledge. The development of a policy and its anchoring in the strategic goals of a university on the one hand and the implementation of its principles in (teaching) practice on the other hand bring with them some challenges.

But what happens when it is finally done and the OER policy is decided and published? At what is now the 5th network meeting on the topic of OER policy, we are dealing with the effects of an OER policy on teaching practice.

We are very pleased to welcome Martin Ebner (TU Graz) and Simona Koch (UB Duisburg-Essen) as experts. Both were significantly involved in the adoption of an OER policy at their university and are now supporting the further process. After a short input from the two experts, we discuss the questions together:

How does university teaching work with an adopted OER policy?
What measures can be used to strengthen the policy and bring it to life?

Target group teachers and educational staff, university employees and students who are interested in the topic of OER


Yulia Loose (lawyer, ELAN e.V.)
Silvia Czerwinski (scientific MA, Technical Information Library)

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m

The workshop will take place online.

Registration: Please register via email to: support.twillo@tib.eu
The online event is organized and handled by the Technical Information Library.

This is a free offer for all participants – even beyond Lower Saxony.

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