The Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate (VCRP) is a joint academic institution of all universities in Rhineland-Palatinate. It supports all higher education institutions in the state by providing an educational technology infrastructure, e.g. with the learning management system (OpenOLAT) and the video server service Panopto. In addition, the VCRP advises teachers and those responsible for study programmes on methodological-didactic issues and on the development of a digital teaching strategy, and develops several information and service portals A variety of qualification offers are brought together under the umbrella of the VCRP-E-Cademy. The VCRP also advises on the acquisition of third-party funding for projects that include digital media or elements of digital teaching and learning.

The VCRP provides a platform (referatory and repository) that facilitates the exchange and opening of educational resources between the higher education institutions and its stakeholders in Rhineland-Palatinate and beyond as low-threshold as possible and linked to the educational technology systems currently already available.


Dr. Konrad Faber
Managing Director
Phone: 0631 205 4948