The HessenHub’s OER Award is awarded with the aim of recognising products from Hessian initiatives that promote free education.

The HessenHub has already awarded the OER Prize in 2022. Since the advantage of OER lies particularly in their reusability and thus the media can be adapted to one’s own teaching and target group, the jury’s focus in 2022 was not on perfect learning media, but on the media being original and as open as possible and thus suitable for stimulating a cultural change in Hessen’s colleges and universities. Further information on the OER Award 2022, the award-winning OER materials and the jury of the OER Award 2022 can be found here.

The HessenHub will also announce an OER Award in 2023. The prizes will be awarded to OERs created by teachers and OERs created by students (including team projects). You can find more information about the OER Award 2023, the criteria and the timeline here.