The KNOER Annual Conference 2024, organised by ZOERR in cooperation with KNOER, begins today in the historic reading room of Tübingen University Library.
Programme highlights of the first day:

  • Welcome: Peter Rempis (ZOERR), PD Dr Markus Deimann (, Dr Konrad Faber (VCRP)
  • Greeting: Renke Siems (MWK Baden-Württemberg)
  • Keynote & discussion: ‘AI and Openness’ by Prof Dr Thomas Köhler (TU Dresden)
  • Workshops:
    • OER & ‘My educational space’: Markus Deimann, Konrad Faber (KNOER), Danny Pajak, Leander Pöhls (Capgemini)
    • Open Educational Practices in university didactics: Verena Russlies (ZOERR) and KNOER members
  • Fishbowl discussion: ‘How open is AI – how intelligent can open education be?’, moderated by PD Dr Markus Deimann and Dr Konrad Faber

The conference offers a platform for exchange and networking around Open Educational Resources and practices. We look forward to inspiring discussions and innovative ideas!