Der Virtuelle Campus Rheinland-Pfalz führt ein vom Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Gesundheit

The Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate is implementing a programme funded by the Ministry of Science and Health Rhineland-Palatinate (MWG) to transform and open up digital educational resources as Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education in Rhineland-Palatinate. The total volume of the programme, which is organised as a tender procedure, is one million euros.
The OER programme is intended to serve as a model and strengthen Rhineland-Palatinate universities on their digitisation path. In addition, it is intended to provide impetus for the sustainable and strategically integrated use of OER at higher education institutions and to help anchor OER in teaching practice. Another important component of the programme is to promote the networking and exchange of digital learning and teaching materials on several levels. The focus should be on the transformation of previously closed educational resources to open educational resources rather than the creation of new ones.

Further information on the call for proposals can be found here.